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Frequently Asked Questions

General Genealogy and GenWeb Questions

I am new to genealogy and would like to know where to get started in this County?

We would suggest that you explore “Resources”. In this section you will also find many links to great sites for beginners. Also, just as important, you should post a query on the query board, join the email list and ask questions about your ancestors there. Experience shows that the more places you ask the question, the better your chances of getting an answer.

I don’t see a certain church or cemetery on your list.

If you do not see additional information, no one has sent that information to us to post. If you have info, Please contact us so we can add it.

The pictures are so tiny, I can’t see them.

Some are “thumbnail” pictures. Click on the picture for a larger view. Then you may go to full screen and drag the picture around, if it is large enough.

How do I submit information to you that I would like to be added to the website?

You can type the information in an email to us or attach a document (.doc, .txt) to the email.

Can you send me a marriage license (or birth certificate, death certificate, court document) for my ancestor?

In most cases, you will need to check with the County courthouse in order to obtain original documents. You can find contact information on our “Important Addresses page”.

Can you do some local research for me in Ashtabula County?

Unfortunately, the current county coordinator doesn’t live in the county. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t Contact Us and see if we have any ideas!

What you can also do is post a query to the Ashtabula County Query Forum.
That way someone else who may be researching the same family or who may have some information might see it and be able to respond to your query.

Where can I purchase books about Ashtabula County?

Ashtabula County Chapter of the OGS
860 Sherman Street
Geneva, OH 44041-9101
publications order form: list order form June 27, 2017.pdf

Higginson Books

I am adopted, can you help me find my birth parents/my original birth record before the adoption?

After an adoption, the original birth record and all other legal documents related to the adoption are sealed and
are not accessible except under certain procedures specified by state law.

There is a very good list of web pages for Adoption Resources on Cindi’s
List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet, which you can find at the link:

Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman has some good information specific to Ohio Adoption Law – but ancestry has done something odd to the link so you may have to copy paste it into your browser:

Page updated August 2022


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